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History of the Flint Style Coney: On Hold

April 13, 2015 – We’re a tad frustrated. The Genesee County Historical Society published “Two to Go: A Short History of Flint’s Coney Island Restaurants”. We’ve been working on an updated version of the history of the Flint Coney Island for a year or more and currently have a 92-page draft that’s mostly text. […]

The Realities of the Current Minimum Wage Issues

A look at our version of the circa-1800s Macedonian Goulash the Flint Coney sauce was developed from. Click the image for our recipe.

Just to be clear, if you want to republish this or any part of it, let me know via comments. We can discuss it.

In their current arguments against current reports […]

The Effects of Scotchgard™ on Wakefulness: A Study

This piece is satire. If you take it another way, that’s your problem, not mine.

A recent study has determined that certain substances commonly used in upholstery for furniture has a tendency to cause a form of sleeping disorder, particularly in the presence of small crowds or large amounts of alcohol.

The conclusive study, […]

My Food Bucket List Suggestion: How Many Have You Had?

Number 49 on the list, handmade Coarse Liverwurst (Liver Sausage) from Kilgus Meats in Toledo, Ohio. I just eat the stuff by itself, no sandwich required.

In December 2006 shortly after starting this blog over at the Monroe News web site, I fell victim to the whole “Foodie Quiz” thing and wrote one myself. […]

Food Safety vs. The Shutdown: A Country of Food Safety Wimps

A loaf of Farmhouse Bread from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they make this and other breads from scratch.

A couple days ago on Huffington Post, staff writer for food and culture Joe Satran posted an article that made me think a little deeper about how things used to be. In his article, […]

Twelve Food-Related Statements That Need To Be Banned

Adam at age 15 with some camp cooking equipment from the 1950s. People in the U.S. today would likely be extremely squeamish about eating food prepared with these.

When it comes to food, I don’t really like “top-ten” or “top-one-hundred” or any other kind of similar lists. Those lists are very dependant on the […]

In Food Writing, Northern Michigan Is …

A Beef & Pork Rutabaga Pasty from Nylund’s Pasties in Crystal Falls, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. Yes, Michigan does indeed have an Upper Peninsula.

A couple of my biggest pet peeves have to do with Michigan food writing in general. There are quite a few food writers here in the state and, make […]

Higher Restaurant Prices: Why We Should Let It Happen, and Who Should Benefit

The view of the waterpark from the front-of-house at work.

After a couple decades in tech industries and avionics/electronics training in the Navy, after having entirely unstable employment positions where I never knew if a given day would be my last only because of circumstances outside my own control, I’ve finally given up on […]

KFC’s Double Down vs. Canadian Poutine: A Reality Check

A serving of not-quite-Poutine at Crazy Joe’s in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. This version uses shredded cheese instead of fresh cheese curds.

In an article published on October 18, 2010, Diahna Mehta of the Canadian Press and some other folks rally against the Double Down‘s upcoming appearance in Canada:

“The Double Down’s 540 calories, […]

Comments and Rant on '[C]all for heads to shut school gates to stop pupils' junk food binge'

Note: The school lunch programs in this country and others irk me to no end. Administrators want to save money, federal and state authorities want to legislate the Hell out of it, and meanwhile the kids are driving to McDonald’s or finding a “chip shop” because the school lunches aren’t what they remotely like or […]