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Twelve Food-Related Statements That Need To Be Banned

Adam at age 15 with some camp cooking equipment from the 1950s. People in the U.S. today would likely be extremely squeamish about eating food prepared with these. When it comes to food, I don’t really like “top-ten” or “top-one-hundred” or any other kind of similar lists. Those lists are very dependant on the taste […]

Finally: A Pic of the Half-Pound Steakburger

I’ve blogged a couple times before about our favorite food trailer in Monroe County, the Rock ‘n Roll Café owned by John and Melita Scott. The one photo I was missing, however, was that of their half-pound steakburger, topped with a slice of Swiss cheese and freshly-sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms. This is a pic […]