Recipe from Pel-Freez: Rabbit & Sausage Gumbo — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds like the driving desire to make this recipe sure paid off! You & Mary make a great team 🙂 Beautiful photo, too.

  2. Dave:

    If you want some real Louisianna andouille for the gumbo, look me up. Send me a PM through the Monroe News Forum.

    Rabbit and andouille are two flavors that are common in many LA recipes. You can find in gumbo, jambalaya, fricassee and grilled. Sorta like peas and carrots.

    On the file’, the tradition is that the leaves are only picked at midnight on the day of Assumption (August 15). That is the the traditional day recognized as the start of the grande derangement of the Acadians from Acadie (modern Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) and scattered to the winds by the British in 1755. Eventually landing at St. Martins LA and incorporating the cooking traditions of the native Houma indians and the Spanish settlers.

    Tony Chachere’s is among the best commercially available– but in the cajun parishes you can find road side stands selling ‘the good stuff’. C’est bon Dave!


  3. Yeah, J has a line on bunnies and loves cooking them up. Me, well, not so much. I can’t get past the fact that they’re little hopping bunnies, not all that far off from our cats and I don’t want to eat our cats. Maybe someday I will.
    He uses rabbits in the specials at the restaurant sometimes. I’ll let you guys know if he’s planning a rabbity meal anytime soon. Last time he made some sort of braised dish with lavender tea and a ton of other things and swore it tasted like KFC.

  4. “… not all that far off from our cats and I don’t want to eat our cats. Maybe someday I will.” Wait … what??? 😉

    Yeah, I know that’s not what you meant. 😀

    We’d love to head down there and have something J’s specifically created. Yes please, keep us posted!

  5. Oh, no, I meant that as in eat the cats. A little twisted humor. Perhaps too twisted. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever want to eat my cats. But maybe some bunnies. What’s weird is that someone just delivered some literature about eating animals to my desk about five seconds ago. Did you have something to do with this? I’m going to blog about it right now.

  6. @Dean, Pel-Freeze rabbit can be found in a lot of higher-end grocery stores. For example, in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area I get it at one of the six Hiller’s locations. Butchers sometimes have fresh frozen rabbit. In the Columbus and Toledo areas you’ll want to go to House Of Meats. Finally, just Googling “rabbit meat” will get a ton of hits … add your location to the search and you may find local farms you can buy from directly.

  7. Look for locally raised rabbits in the newspaper or even in those “free ad” papers…I raise rabbits and sell both live and processed to individuals…I’m in Central Va though! No luck what so ever finding rabbit in our local Kroger’s or Food Lion. If you have a farmers market in your area those folks may have some contacts…That is how I sell some of my rabbit. To be honest – we eat a lot of rabbit ourselves. There is not much market for domestic rabbit meat.

    Take care, Denise

  8. Thanks for the recipe! I like rabbit sausage gumbo a lot! The pic looks so yummy , that I am actually getting hungry while writing this comment!

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