About Luna Pier Cook

Dave & Mary on the beach in Luna Pier, MI

Tied loosely to my Michigan Cuisine web site, this blog explores food, cooking and eating in-and-around Monroe County, as a portion of what’s available within the state and surrounding areas. We’ll explore where some foods and ingredients come from, chat with people who cook as all or part of their profession, and explore some great food destinations.

This blog is not for people with special dietary needs or desires. While some of the foods described might be vegetarian, or Kosher, or even low-carb, the intent of the blog is to offer shared experiences through foods and flavors. In a nutshell, I hope this blog will be fun to read, sparking the imagination of anyone who cooks, and making people downright hungry.

From south of Flint, I’ve done everything from programming computers to writing computer books, to calibrating electronic test equipment, cooking at Big Boy, doing electronic R&D with Toyota, asisting in the development of fire alarm panels, to even working in a buffet at a casino.

Mary has two kids and I have four kids, all from previous marriages, along with four grandkids now, who all love spending time with my wife Mary and I. I’ve cooked in various professional kitchens off-and-on since 1979, and have happily spent time since 2002 re-learning long-dormant cooking skills. Mary & I live 1,000 feet from Lake Erie in Luna Pier, Michigan, with three cats, two spastic-but-loving Pomeranians, a stack of cell phones and various tablets, a massive book collection (325 of which are cookbooks), and more unique coffee mugs than should be allowed for one person.