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Twelve Food-Related Statements That Need To Be Banned

Adam at age 15 with some camp cooking equipment from the 1950s. People in the U.S. today would likely be extremely squeamish about eating food prepared with these. When it comes to food, I don’t really like “top-ten” or “top-one-hundred” or any other kind of similar lists. Those lists are very dependant on the taste […]

On Hot Dog ‘Safety’ and Other Weirdness

A package of supposedly “raw” hot dogs. This morning I ate a Ball Park Frank, uncooked, directly out of the package I bought yesterday and licked the juices off my fingers. Obviously, I’m a dead man. Last summer when I ran the beachhouse, serving more hot dogs than I could remember in three months time, […]

Photo Essay: Deep-Frying A Turkey

One thing I’d never had in my whole life … well, at least since it’s become popular … is deep-fried whole turkey. No, not the whole turkey … I can’t eat that much … well, maybe … anyway … I digress. Yesterday I was finally able to enjoy some fresh, hand-dipped, deep-fried turkey! And it was […]

Jumping Into Food Safety, or “SPLOOSH!”

Back in this post about pots and pans, reader Mike asked a question about the safety of canned goods after they’d been in the pantry a good long time. I replied with a link to this site from home-canning equipment manufacturers Ball and Kerr, which states, “Food that has been properly canned using an up-to-date […]