The Chateau Burger, Re-visited

A couple weeks ago I posted this photo of the one-pound burger at the Chateau Louise here in Luna Pier. A short while ago, the folks at A Hamburger Today in NYC re-posted this photo for New Yorkers to see. They also copied the photo and their commentary from the post on A Hamburger Today onto Serious Eats, which is run by NYT’s food writer and occasional Iron Chef judge Ed Levine. Reader comments over there on the east coast are already interesting, with one reader refering to the burger in this photo as, “clearly a cow core sample”. Looking at this photo is making me hungry for one of these things all over again … yes, you’re right, absolutely … half of one …


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  1. Had to do it, didn’t you! I’ve been dealing pretty well with my Luna Pier jones but you had to go and post a picture of a Chateau MONSTER burger that Renee and I both together couldn’t finish during our time there. Thanks alot DAVE! tt

  2. Despite what some of those commenters over on SE said, I think it is beautiful.

    And, if it were made from ground bison, which is what my wife and I use for our burgers presently, we would split it in half, and we would enjoy a feast.

    My wife (a medical type) allows me one burger every two weeks, if made from ground beef . . . one burger per week if made from ground bison.

    Good post.

    DocChuck and wife

  3. I thought the “cow core sample” comment was funny. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing! 😉

  4. @Adam, I totally agree!

  5. I also thought that comment was funny, and I not only think that it was not a “bad thing”, I think that it was a “good thing.”

    Not only “funny”, but “creative”, Adam.

    A person with that talent should be writing for SNL, one of my favorite sources of entertainment.

    Of course, “Real Time with Bill Maher” also entertains me.


  6. Jessie James Gatewood

    “Cow core sample”

    That one really made me laugh!!

    Great visibility on some great food blogs for you, though the size of that burger makes me cringe.

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