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  1. Dave – Valid points. I WILL tell ya that I was stationed at Kincheloe Air Force Base near the Soo back in the mid 60s in the winter and guys were volunteering to go to Viet Nam to get out of there. Not a place for single guys w/o a car and not old enough to drink other than 3.2 beer on base.

    We’ve got good friends from college days who are out on Stony Creek Rd in Frenchtown, Twp, so I’ll have to keep coming back to your blog to get ideas for when we visit. Just lost 80 pounds in the past year and our last big meal before going on the program was at Bolles Harbor. Good place and an interesting guy who runs it. Have had more than a few decent coneys and bfast at the coney place across the street from the Lazy Boy HQ bldg.

    One food related site that I don’t see you reference is We use that a fair bit, esp when we travel, to find places recommended by the locals.

    Maybe we can meet sometime this Spring for bfast at Grass Lake Diner and talk food. No cudighis there.. but hey, the Elvis French Toast was killer.


  2. Mike, thanks for replying … Now, how much weight did you gain with those 30 restaurants? And just how many breakfasts were there in there?? 🙂 I understand a lot of towns with bases, forts and stations didn’t get anything decent till about the mid-1980s. Some of them are pretty nice now!

    That’s great about you losing the weight! Oh yeah, we’re friends with Chef Silverio Conté at Bolles Harbor Café. One of my best food pics is his Lumberjack Skillet, which is made with prime rib. He’s only five miles north of us, and we’re regulars there. If you look up on the upper shelf on his south wall, that USS America CV-66 cruise book is actually on loan to him from me.

    You know, I’ve never actually visited Chowhound. Maybe I should.

    Elvis French Toast … Wouldn’t that be Memphis cuisine? 😉

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