Follow-Up to My Peeps Rant

Following my Peeps rant from the other day, the bin on the right was given to me by Mary and Briahna this morning. Fortunately, it was a joke Easter basket, filled with Peep bath toys, a Peeps coloring project, a 24-piece Peep puzzle for 4-year-olds, and a few pounds of the creatures themselves. Behind it is my real Easter basket, which was better as far as I’m concerned. My response to Mary and Briahna at the Bin ‘O Peeps? “Peep YOU!”


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  1. You can’t beat the Peeps; you might as well just accept them and try to live with them.

    Gordie’s last blog post..Shameless Begging, Part II

  2. I must admit a tear came to my eye seeing that wonderful Easter basket filled with those delicious Peeps. Only one that truly loves you would reward you with such a treat. Please enjoy them, fresh or stale. Maybe you will save just one for me 🙂

  3. I agree Dave! Peeps are disgusting!

  4. @Gordie, mark my words, they will be beaten!

    @Dorothy, the fact that she and Briahna had built me another basket … that’s what really shows they love me!

    @Em, you and I need to build a PeepSquisher. 😉

  5. how about a peep launcher? We can launch them at the peep lovers

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