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Culinary Shopping

An Unintentional Break

A more recent pic of the Ground Bologna Sandwich Spread, an image that’s also a little more appetizing than the other one. Someone’s said all that’s missing in this photo is topping the ground bologna with a fried egg. I’m thinking that’s good thinking.

I know. It’s been three months. Three entire months since […]

Low-Fat Flint-Style Coneys: A First Attempt

A couple weeks ago Meijer Healthy Living Advisor Christina Miller and I got into an email conversation about Koegel Meats out of Flint. We discussed where to get them, including the fact that I couldn’t find some of my favorite items in the Toledo-area stores. On a whim I headed to the Meijer store […]

The Haunting of the Beachhouse

The harrassment seems to be building. The thing is haunting me.

I was in the library. Off-handedly to someone else, but intentionally loud enough so I could hear it, the Luna Pier Librarian laughingly said, “Yeah I went down to the beachhouse to get one of those great Flint hot dogs the other day […]

A Special Beachhouse Visitor: Knoah!

Click the image for a larger version.

This afternoon I got a visit from Knoah, the little boy with dwarfism who’s the subject of his mom’s blog, “What Is Normal?” Of course his mom Tonya came down too, as well as Knoah’s older bro and sis Jacob and Hannah. They had lunch of Koegel […]

‘The Coney Nazi’

I could easily become … ‘The Coney Nazi’.

Ali “Al” Yeganeh’s inspiration for Larry Thomas’s ‘Soup Nazi’ on the 116th episode of Seinfeld was brutal. Ask the character for bread, and either pay for it, or …

… “No soup for you!!!” … and out you go.

I could easily do that with the […]

BBQ’d Spare Ribs for July 5th

Last year in this blog about this same time of year I lamented that I wouldn’t be able to cook up corndogs and offer them for sale during Luna Pier’s annual Freedom Festival and City-Wide Yard Sale:

In talking to a local restauranteur yesterday, I mentioned selling the corndogs at tomorrow’s sales. What […]

Coffee With the Chief

This morning Dan Shaw stopped by the Luna Pier Dog House for coffee and a chat. Managing Editor at the Monroe News, Dan is also the benefactor behind our host environment of BlogsMonroe.com and helped to get this blog up-and-running 18 months ago. (Has it been that long??)

[See Dan? I told you the […]

Eat This Blog: Luna Pier Dog House Nachos

Holy Flurking Schlidt. I haven’t posted in a week. I’m appalled.

I’ve had every intention of posting before this, but the Dog House down at the beach is taking up more time than I thought it would. We’re getting quite a decent amount of business It’s like making a film … lots of waiting, […]

Luna Pier Dog House: First Customers

These pics are of our first two customers at the Luna Pier Dog House at the beach on Lake Erie. Above is first customer, City Administrator and, basically, our landlord, Greg Stewart. I’d decided early-on the first customer wouldn’t pay for their coffee … Greg did come back later for a Flint-style Coney Dog […]

‘Luna Pier Dog House’: Almost There …