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An Odd Way to Make New Friends, and Jeanne’s Café, Grand Haven, Michigan

The Smoked Salmon Omelet with cream cheese, capers and dill at Jeanne’s Café in Grand Haven, Michigan I didn’t eat this omelet. Neither did Mary. Oddly enough, some biker we met at a rest area ate this particular Smoked Salmon Omelet. Already, you’re definitely getting the wrong image of the guy. Believe you me, we had […]

Real Oatmeal: There’s Nothing Better

This morning’s bowls of real oatmeal, with dark brown sugar and dried cranberries. I like a couple pats of unsalted butter on mine while Mary likes a little more dark brown sugar. The coffee mug, from Haloburger, shows the Vernors mural that is on the side of the old Peerless building alongside Haloburger #2 in downtown […]

Recipe: Adam’s Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

Ya’ know, I like it when Adam just cooks something. It always turns out good. This is his concept for an open-faced breakfast sandwich. Toasted & buttered “Everything” bagels, topped with sautéed shredded potatoes (he hand-shredded them, so that’s why they look like sausage here … they were still a tad wet), over-easy eggs, and […]