Recipe: Adam’s Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

Ya’ know, I like it when Adam just cooks something. It always turns out good.

This is his concept for an open-faced breakfast sandwich. Toasted & buttered “Everything” bagels, topped with sautéed shredded potatoes (he hand-shredded them, so that’s why they look like sausage here … they were still a tad wet), over-easy eggs, and some thin ribbons of sautéed onion.

This was a wonderfully excellent breakfast.

Adam’s only 15. Yeah, I think we’ve got a live one here … 😉

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  1. Love your post. Grew up in Monroe area; sent this to all my friends/relatives in that area. Looking forward to new posts. Been making this for years but never put in onions or the mustard – will try it. Did you use dry or prepared mustard? Going to stop by your store – love exploring new places.

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