North Street Inn Bed & Breakfast, Beaufort, South Carolina

A serving of Spinach Frittata, the house specialty at the North Street Inn in Beaufort, South Carolina. Click on any of the food photos in this post for larger versions.

Having a breakfast at a Bed & Breakfast should be a real treat. It seems to me that, at the good B&Bs, someone will take the time to make a remarkably excellent breakfast. The word “breakfast” is in the title of the place and, from an accounting standpoint, you’re actually paying for the breakfast as part of the fee. Any breakfast served at one of these places had better be pretty darn good.

This past Friday morning we needed to leave the B&B for the Marine Corps’ Parris Island at about 7:30 a.m. for John’s Boot Camp graduation. Normally Jo Ann, the hostess and owner of the North Street Inn Bed & Breakfast in Beaufort, South Carolina, serves breakfast at 8 or 8:30 a.m. However we had requested breakfast at 6:30 a.m. so we could get to the base on-time. So at 5 a.m. that day, I heard the distinctive sound of a GE microwave going off. “Yup”, I thought, “she’s taking her time to do it right!”

The North Street Inn Bed & Breakfast, at the corner of Monson and North Street in Beaufort.

The North Street Inn is one of the few Victorian-style houses located in historic Beaufort. The majority of homes, particularly those along nearby Bay St., are of antebellum and other architectures. The whole town along the waterfront is reminiscent of Hamilton, Bermuda. I half-expected to see a cruise ship or two parked up along Bay St.!

The kitchen in the North Street Inn is well-equipped for larger groups. All the equipment is GE professional grade, including a pair of ovens installed in a cabinet near the dining room door. The gas stove has the continuous but sectional cast iron grates which allow pots and pans to be place anywhere on the surface. And the central island contains the much-needed prep sink that’s so useful in preparing fruits and vegetables.

Our hostess, Jo Ann, sets the table for the early-morning frittata breakfast.

Of course, this being a most-excellent Bed & Breakfast, the dining room is where the North Street Inn really shines. Certainly the rooms were quite comfortable, and the large and deep bathtub made me almost fall asleep during a long soak. But Jo Ann’s southern hospitality is most remarkable. Living in Beaufort almost half her life, she sets quite an elegant table, and serves her guests as though that’s what she was intended to do.

The Spinach Frittatas we had that first morning were simply beautiful, light and fluffy, cooked perfectly with no brown sections whatsoever, and served with fresh tomato slices Jo Ann cut from tomatoes that made the kitchen smell like a garden.

A couple of the muffins Jo Ann served with the Spinach Frittatas.

The blueberry muffins Jo Ann served with the frittatas were simply addicting. I could have eaten more than what I had, but I was definitely too full for any more.

Breakfast Saturday morning was just as good as Friday’s breakfast had been.

How often do you search the grocery for fresh berries and not find too many? The strawberries and blueberries on top of these waffles Saturday morning were exquisite, complementing the waffles perfectly. The thick bacon was cooked just the way we like it, without our even asking. And I saw Jo Ann whip the topping herself. This is the kind of thing they’ll charge $12.50 for at a nice hotel but it won’t be nearly this good there.

Mary and Caleb enjoy the North Street Inn’s front porch after Saturday’s breakfast.

Looking through some of the hundreds of books Jo Ann has on display, I found a number of duplicates in the cookbooks. When I asked Jo Ann about this she laughed and said most of those were from guests as thank-you gifts. She smiled and said, “They send me these cookbooks … I guess they think I don’t know how to cook!”

Jo Ann, I doubt that’s the reason, really I do! Besides, you can obviously cook just fine in our book.


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  1. Good post, and a fine tribute to the genteel folks of South Carolina.

    We once patronized the North Street Inn on our way to Hilton Head, and we were totally impressed with the food, the service, and the Southern hospitality.

    If there is any better food (and hospitality) than in South Carolina . . . it has to be in North Carolina, LOL!

    Enjoyed your post.

    DocChuck and wife.

  2. Wow, sounds like what you’d call “a real honest find”. Particularly like the attention to detail for the breakfasts.

  3. Another BEAUTIFUL house! And that Spinach Frittata looks very good!! Hope you had a great time!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! If we overnight in Beaufort, I know where we’ll be staying. 🙂

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