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Alden Mill House, Alden, Michigan

Two summers ago on our honeymoon, Mary and I rented a house near the northeast corner of the amazingly-clear Torch Lake, located between Traverse City and Charlevoix. As the lake is almost 20 miles long but very narrow, we decided one day we were going to simply drive around it and see all the sights. After passing the […]

Fresh Washed Cherries!

The National Cherry Festival is taking place up in Traverse City this week, and as always, there’s plenty else going on near the festival itself including roadside stands with signs advertising “Fresh Washed Cherries”. This past weekend, the folks at Penrod Sales parked this truck in an old driveway off M-72 east of 131 just […]

Alden Mill House, Alden, Michigan

When it comes to jerky, some people just say “no”. But when it comes to the jerky shops in Dundee and Luna Pier, you have to reconsider. Why? Because there’s more to these shops than just jerky. These two stores, which are owned by the same people, have a massive variety of hot sauces and […]