Dave & Mary

Culinary Shopping

Monster Candy, May’s Candy Shop, Mackinac Island, Michigan

The Monster Candy, about 4″ in diameter, from May’s Candy Shop on Mackinac Island in the straits between the peninsulas of Michigan.

It was just over a year ago Mary and I were on Mackinac Island a few hundred miles north of here. One of the shops I had wanted to visit for a […]

A Flint Coney Matchup: Chef Marty Embry vs. Angelo’s Original

On the left is a coney made with Marty Embry’s Flint Coney sauce. On the right is a similar coney, but topped with Angelo’s original sauce.

I gotta say this at the beginning: I really don’t like basketball. I’m a computer geek, have been since 1976, a hardware geek since 1983, a food […]

Temptations Bakery, Washington, DC

After a difficult day viewing the atrocities of Nazi Germany at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, we learned of the food court on the first two levels of the Old Post Office Pavilion halfway between the White House and the US Capitol. With its many restaurants ranging from American […]

Hot Dog with … Peas?? Pasty with … PEAS???

I’ll have my hot dog without any peas on it, thank you very much … and my pasty doesn’t need peas either.

I’m not quite sure how people can eat something like this but I know I’d have a difficult time with it. Without a doubt, I like hot dogs. Some I like even […]

Walking Tacos, Ludington-Style

Click on this image for a larger version.

Back a couple months ago, Dawn Shock retired as librarian at the Rasey Memorial Library here in Luna Pier. She’d been here for quite some time, and was an incredibly hard worker. She set up the hours at the Rasey Library in such a way that […]

Dutch Cooking & The Longevity of Foreign Exchange Student Relationships

I really had fun putting this meal together for these ladies Saturday evening! This get-together and dinner was my idea, not theirs, as I know for a fact these three gals don’t get together enough as it is. The pork ribs were rubbed down with some Pork & Poultry Seasoning from the Alden Mill […]

The Fish Market: I’m Stuffed!

Mary and I are always hearing great things about The Fish Market. The market itself isn’t far … just south of the Ohio state line on M-24 (Telegraph Rd.) Her brother David always has something from The Fish Market whenever we’re at his house for a meal. He may even have cocktail shrimp on […]

Hey! Nice Breast!!!

Really, that’s only half a breast. But what a beauty, eh? Alright, get your mind out of the gutter …


For Fall, It’s Pumpkin Beer

Where do you find pumpkin beer for this time of year? Erika at the Boulevard Market in Tecumseh has three different ones:

Pumpkin beer is here! Harvest Moon, Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale, and Ichabod from New Holland Brewing are all great and different from each other. You can buy them individually, put them in a […]

Photos, Food and A Train: B&B Railroad Depot, Oregon, Ohio

What does the 7.5″ train in the above picture have to do with the amazing breakfast in the following photo, which I ate? (Er, the food, not the train.)

House Special: Crab Soft Scramble — Soft-scrambled eggs with crab meat and cream cheese, served with fried red potatoes and biscuits

Well, lemme tell […]