Recipe: Crock Pot Creamed Corn

One of the most popular recipes on Luna Pier Cook is Mary Jewett’s Kentucky Sweet Corn Pudding. We’ve enjoyed it ourselves for many holiday get-togethers over the couple decades since we first got a copy of it from Mary herself. The number of page views on the recipe have really skyrocketed since I first posted […]

Erudus Extended Allergy Icon Font Release

Updated January 26, 2019 Spiciness Characters Suitable For Gluten Free Antibiotic Free Non-GMO Organic Gluten Free Antibiotic Free Non-GMO Organic Contains May Contain Alpha-Gal Buckwheat Coconut Corn Mold MSG Nightshades Trans Fat Alpha-Gal Buckwheat Coconut Corn Mold MSG Nightshades Trans Fat The characters I’ve added to create this release of the Erudus Extended Allergy Icon […]

Exploring Maine

Yours truly photographing our daughter as she climbed along Giants Stairs, a dark basalt formation of 30-foot cliffs over a thousand feet in length along the Atlantic coastline on Bailey’s Island in Harpswell, Maine, April 28, 2018. With Mary having become a Traveling Nurse this past April, we’ve gone pretty far out of our comfort […]

Dishing On Pork Belly, With Recipes

Oven-Roasted Pork Belly at our house. The recipe is below. Back when I was a kid, when all the good radio stations were still on the AM band, dad would listen to the Farm Report. Well, he had it on in the mornings, and he may not have been listening to it while he was […]

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

An end piece of Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf, with the requisite greens. Meatloaf is fun to make. Take some ground meat, throw in some bread or cracker crumbs, some chopped onions, and some other spices. You can then bake it as a loaf, grill it as burgers, or bake off individually-formed servings for buffets or catering. It’s […]