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Parents: The Hands of Time

Part of the reason for my lack of posts as of late are that both my parents are in the hospital … in opposite ends of the same hospital … with different forms of cancer. Yesterday I arranged for dad to finally be able to visit mom for a while, and we got the two […]

Photo Essay: Deep-Frying A Turkey

One thing I’d never had in my whole life … well, at least since it’s become popular … is deep-fried whole turkey. No, not the whole turkey … I can’t eat that much … well, maybe … anyway … I digress. Yesterday I was finally able to enjoy some fresh, hand-dipped, deep-fried turkey! And it was […]

Eat This Blog: Deep-Fried Frog Legs

Click on the above image for a larger version. While we were having dinner at the Frog Leg Inn yesterday evening it dawned on my I’d never photographed the restaurant’s signature dish: Deep-Fried Frog Legs. The above image is the appetizer version of the dish, with the entrée having more than this plate did. As […]