Math is Hard: See, I Revised the Revision …

September 27, 2009 – Click here for the latest version of this recipe.

Man, I really screwed up the math in there …

For anyone who’s downloaded the coney sauce recipe from yesterday, do that again … and pitch that other thing. It no workee.

Click here to download a CORRECTED copy of the Flint coney sauce recipe we’re using at the Luna Pier Dog House. (You may need to download and install the freeware Adobe Reader to view the recipe.) The recipe is laid out as a “trifold”, meaning you printĀ the two pagesĀ on two sides of one piece of paper, then fold it in thirds and stash it somewhere till you’re ready to use it, yada yada yada, et al, etc., ad nauseum.

Anyone have a spare brain they’re not using? I’d like to borrow such a thing if I may.

Thank you for your time.

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