Eat This Blog & Recipe: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon — 11 Comments

  1. Dave just a few blogs ago I touched on doing this very thing when I was in Oregon. Probably the best tasting fish I’ve ever eaten. I know your “hooked” on cedar now!

  2. There are so many great ways to cook fish, Mike, I never imagined this one would taste as good as it did. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of other fish to fr … er … grill!

  3. Just so it’s out there Costco has a fantastic deal on a package of cedar planks for grilling. And Dave, where the heck was my invitation!!! That sounds spectacular 🙂

  4. We’re not members of Costco … sombody’d have to take us. And as far an “invitation” … since when do you need one??? 😉

  5. Hey Dave!
    That salmon looks AMAZING! I’ve gotten hooked on the fresh lemon dill marinaded salmon from the Andersons. I know its not completely homemade, but its close enough for a busy college student. I miss you guys too! Have you had brazilian food before? I have some close friends in boston that are from Brazil and there parents make us WONDERFUL food whenever we go out to visit (which is often), and i think i finally have some of the recipes and methods down. We should do another one of those dinner nights!

  6. Hiya Em! Hey, premarinated is fine! If you got it at The Anderson’s it was probably pretty good, right? I sometimes get pre-marinated meats at House of Meats, and they have a satelite location in there anyway. Nope, never had Brazilian food … you offering?? 😉 Yes, we need to get together for dinner again sometime! Mary’s schedule is crazy, but we should still work something out.

  7. yes i am offering! Just let me know when mary is out of school and/or things die down a little. I love eating with people who love food!

  8. @Rob, those are definitely single-use. They’re downright black when dinner’s done and would be totally useless a second time.

  9. Great posting, it is amazing at how easy it is to get great tasting salmon on a cedar grilling planks. I have been using the planks for years and sell them on my website ( for great prices on all different types of grilling planks

    If you looking to get a little bit more of the cedar flavor you should soak your planks for longer than 90 minutes. I try to soak my for 18 hours, I have found this will lead to a more moist smoky flavor in your salmon. Keep up the good work!

    Also, I agree that they are for a single use, if you soak it in water for a longer period you may be able to use it twice. I just wrote a posting on this at

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