Recipe: Tomatillo Salsa — 4 Comments

  1. Boy that looks good. I have been searching for good tomatillos for a while but all I find are the half dead looking ones. I would like to find some fresh ones to try the Mario Batali recipe.

  2. Cyndi, we picked up all the ingredients for this, this morning at Ciolino’s on Lewis. They’re long the back wall of the market to the right of the opening to the back. Right now, these are the best tomatillos I can find, with mostly decent green husks.

  3. That looks great and dare I say healthy. But I mainly wanted to let you know you dropped a Jones Soda bomb in my blog. We even got a terrific way to use the weird stuff as an ice breaker at parties.


  4. Oh, let’s see here … there they are. Both versions of the 2005 Jones Holiday Pack, sitting on top of one of my bookcases. I might just have to blog about these things. I wonder if they get better with age … 😀

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