THIS Is A Haloburger, People!

Click on the image for a larger version.

I’ve mentioned Haloburger to a lot of people. They just look at me funny and ask, “A what??” It’s a Haloburger, people! This (yes, look at the picture!) is what it looks like. A quarter-pound of ground beef from Otto W. Liebold in Flint, flattened into a burger, cooked on a seasoned grill, and served on a particular bun from Aunt Millie’s bakery. (I worked at the Grand Blanc location from 1980 – 1981, so I know of what I speak.) I like mine as deluxe, with Hellman’s mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, a handful of chopped green olives with pimiento, and sliced cheese … with a side of onion rings, and one of the chain’s Vernor’s Cream Ales. The chain is primarily in the Flint area, but for dinner last night and lunch today I ate at the Birch Run restaurant where I took this photo. Yes, absolutely, if you’re in the Flint area you have to try one. Otherwise, yer nuts!


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  1. That burger looks at least 10x tastier than the one prepared on my cast iron grill tonite. Only extra mine had was saute mushrooms and my side…sugar-snap peas were’t even close to the looks of those onion rings. I’m thinkin’ that you have an inside source to partake all these good meals 🙂

  2. Actually, this burger was served right over the counter just like anyone else’s. The particular flavor is what’s best about these things. You gotta get to Flint though!

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