Crabby Joe’s, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

One of the activities my kids and I enjoy is watching Chilly Beach, on channel 9 out of Windsor at noon most Saturdays. Chilly Beach is one of those shows that’s stupid enough to make you laugh out loud at the absurdity of the whole thing. But then, once the show is over, ranting about how stupid it is, you’re off on the computer, scouring the internet for where to buy the DVD box set as you just have to see more of the stupid thing. In this case, think The Simpson’s meets The Great White North and South Park, but without all the common sense.

Ok … without any common sense.

I mean, once each year, instead of South Park‘s Kenny getting killed all the time, in Chilly Beach only one person gets killed. Where they keep getting more Santa Claus’s to feed to the polar bear is beyond me …

One of the characters in Chilly Beach is Jacques LaRocque. Jacques runs the Puck Stop restaurant where the specialty is poutine, “a Canadian comfort food”. In webisode #7, a pseudo-TV commercial called “Poutine On the Ritz”, Frank asks for fries with gravy, which Jacques dumps cottage cheese onto. “Hey, you got cottage cheese on my fries with gravy!” “Hey, you got fries with gravy in my cottage cheese!” Well, they both try it, Jacques continues his lines … and Frank turns green from nausea and faints.

These pics were shot at Crabby Joe’s in Wallaceburg, Ontario. When the kids found out we might be headed to this restaurant this past weekend they were all bugging us about trying the poutine. Mary and I had been there a year before and had the poutine, and were not impressed. Fries, gravy, shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses … and it was soggy, all of it. But, the kids kept asking, so off we went.

As you can see in the first pic the poutine looks pretty good. This time none of it was soggy either, which was a big plus. But look at Briahna in the second pic. Yeah, that face. The one that looks as though it’s going to turn green from nausea and faint. None of the kids really liked the stuff. They were all wondering what the big deal was about poutine.

But … and I mean this … the plate ended up being hungrily emptied by those same kids who said they didn’t like the poutine. Weird, that …

We go to Crabby Joe’s because the food is quite good, poutine notwithstanding. Here’s a serving of my serving of lasagna, with just the right amount of sauce (not too much) and some incredible spices. The hunk of herbed garlic bread on the edge of the plate was crunchy on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside.

Crabby Joe’s is a nice place to eat, and as it’s also a sports bar, there’s always a game on a screen somewhere in the rooms. But the poutine? I’ve been there twice, and I still don’t know. Maybe next time … eh?


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  1. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh… forbidden poutine!

    It’s the best.

    Par boil the fries, then deep fry them in lard. Serve with gravy and curd cheese. They sell it in brown lunch bags in Montreal, out of chip wagons and on newspaper in Timmins, foil wrappers in V’al d’or and La Sar and in foam dishes in Temagami.

    In every version it is low-fat and cholesterol-free. You have my word as a salesman.


  2. potatoes,gravy and cheese…sounds to me like carb heaven 🙂 by the way Ilike the new look of your site!

  3. Thanks Dorothy … especially considering the site’s only looked like this for about 20 minutes now! 😉

  4. What the heck happened, I looked at the site an hour ago and it was lime green. Magic now it is beautiful! It looks good on you:)

  5. Thanks hon! I’m workin’ on it … it’ll get even better! I, er … hope … 🙂

  6. Like the look of your updated site 🙂 Hard work?

  7. Umm, yeah, some of it is. PHP code … blech!! 😛

  8. Oh but REAL poutine is supposed to have soft, melty delicious cheese curds (cheddar, I think). Not shredded cheese. Oh and lots of gravy!

    Couple links for your reference: and – Remind me a little of what a LunaPierCook Poutine page might look like! – Poutine on Wikipedia

    Your blog makeover looks great! You moved from Blogger to WordPress or somethin’?

  9. I’d linked to the Wikipedia page, but hadn’t seen the others. Do you mean we haven’t actually had poutine yet?? ARRRHGGHHH!!! Must drive further into that other land up there …

    This has always been WordPress-based, Leslie. I’m just finally able to decorate. 😉

  10. My sister lives in Canada, so I’ve been blessed to have real poutine and it’s so worth the calories! We went to a restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario once and we ordered poutine to share … the waitress apologized all over the place that they would have to use shredded cheese instead of the real stuff.

    I think it would be pretty easy to make at home, although I’m not sure what kind of grocery store cheese to use. Thoughts?

    Oh, and I actually tried cheese fries — the metro Detroit version of poutine? — for the FIRST time this week. My husband was amazed that I had never had them before. I’m not sure they are as good a poutine (I love gravy!), but still pretty tasty at our local coney island diner.

  11. Oh my Poutine! When I visited Canada, I couldn’t get enough of the stuff…..too bad my friends wouldn’t try it, they didn’t know what they were missing.

  12. Hey Kirk, as per Leslie I guess I really haven’t had poutine yet! Where did you go in Canada when you had it? I’m guessing west coast since you’re in San Diego.

    BTW, the Peru pics are fantastic!

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