Chef Buddha’s Recipe: Skyroom Hoosier Chicken & Noodles, Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana — 9 Comments

  1. Absolutely perfect! Thank you! My dad is most definitely smiling down from heaven on you and your family. He is greatly missed here on earth by many.

  2. How wonderful a tribute. I have too been touched by Butch as I know him from years ago as we have been brothers for a very long time. Thanks you for the post and great words..and yes we will see you later.

  3. Thank you so much from his family….he is greatly missed but we didn’t want to see him in that much pain. The Sky room was in his blood for sure. I sat with him many times during his long chemo treatments as he went over and over his menus! He simply loved it.

  4. Buddha was my Uncle. I think I’m the only one in the family that got to work with him in both his passions. When I was a teenager between high school and college I was a server in the sky room. Chef Dave and Chef Buddha were our chef’s. It was a privilege to work with both of them.

    I also got to spend 6 years along side him at the Sheriff’s Office when I was a reserve Deputy. He had a great passion for both professions, but I could tell his heart, after all those years, was at the beach.

    Thank you for the write up. He is missed every day.

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