Fair Food at Twilight

Regardless of whether or not I feel there are far too many duplications in the food options at the Monroe County Fair, I have to admit the area has a beautiful and ethereal quality to it at twilight on a clear evening. Here are a few twilight pics of some of the more unique trailers at this year’s fair. Enjoy!


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  1. what are butterfly chips?
    eeeekk!!!….deep fried butterfly wings?

    ogres! ogres! ogres!

    ::watching ur dvd right now….LOVE IT!!::

  2. Oh, yeah, I’m Shirk and Mary’s Flea-ona! 😉 BTW, she picked her name there … I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!

    Butterfly Chips are the delicacy of butterfly dookie … no, really, they’re simply thin potato chips that are made to stick together in clumps. They actually look like butterfly wings when you pick them up.

    (Just thinking to make sure you got the right DVD!)

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