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  1. Me part with my rice cooker?! Thats like amputation! Can’t believe it takes a Caucasian midwesterner to teach a Chinese gal to cook rice on the stovetop!!! LOL!

  2. I resent the “do my nails” comment! I am with my cooking soul sister, Steamy but I will try the recipe and see what’s up.

    I could make my mom proud. Wait, she’s the one that bought the cooker for me! Well, she didn’t want her son to starve. 😉

  3. Dave;

    A day without rice, is a bad day…

    In one of the chinese dialects, the way you greet someone is to literally ask them if they have eaten (rice) today. Rice is food, rice is life.


  4. SGC, not sure I want to know about your nails. Did Jaden do them for you? 😉 Honestly, my mom could never cook rice except for the minute stuff. She’s the one in need of a rice cooker!

    Griff, when I worked at Toyota we were told the rice was the main part of every Japanese meal, with anything else, fish, chicken, vegetables, etc., being secondary to the rice. No wonder those folks are so skinny!

  5. Well, aren’t you throwing around a bunch of stereotypes. 😛

    We don’t just have Michigan in common. We’re both geeks. I work in the tech field too- web designer. Used to be out in A2 a lot. Have you eaten at Eve yet?

    What do you think? I am thinking about it.

  6. I know, they’d be 50% lighter if I were using monotypes … 😉

    I haven’t eaten at Eve’s yet, but as she was one of the national chefs at Taste of the Nation: Toledo I did get to chat with her a bit while videotaping. We were also able to try the chicken Thai dumplings she’d brought along, which is in her cookbook. Man, were they ever good! We’ll get to her restaurant as soon as we can. That’s how impressed we were with her.

  7. Yeah, I just checked out the site. I think I’ll be having a date night this weekend. I also snagged her cookbook and will be checking that out.

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