Tonight’s Dinner: A Good BBQ Pork Sandwich

Inspired by the sirloin steak sandwich I had at Quaker Steak & Lube a few weeks ago in Charleston, WV, this evening’s dinner was just a bit on the filling side. I’d slow-cooked a pork loin (seasoned with Kosher salt, pepper and granulated garlic) in a crock pot in its own juices for the entire day. I then drained it and removed the fat, then shredded it and mixed it with two bottles Jack Daniels’ Old No. 7 sauce. I then sautéed some bell peppers and onion in unsalted butter, and served the whole of it on a warm ciabatta roll with a slice of provolone cheese. Yup, this works.

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  1. Skip the peppers onions and cheese, and top with coleslaw. YUM!!

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