Scallops in Lobster Sauce at the Frog Leg Inn

A serving of Scallops in Lobster Sauce. Click the image for a larger version.

Scallops are grilled and arranged on a pillow of homemade spaetzle (german noodle) and finished with a creamy lobster sauce! Garnished with sliced pickled vegetables to give that hint of tartness the Germans are famous for. Chef John captures the finer side of Germany’s cuisine.

I don’t like lobster much at all … but this dish at the Frog Leg Inn was a bit on the exceptional side this evening. Are ya’ jealous? Good!


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  1. Dave,
    this dish looks amazing! I can taste the flavors in my head! I told you that it was a curse and I have all of the flavors from this dish just swimming around my helpless and hapless mind!

    Once again, thanks for sharing! I am definitely a foodie!


  2. We went this past weekend and I was disappointed that I had missed this special until I tasted the March scallop special it was sooo good. But the orange frangelico cheesecake was divine! We are planning to make the trip down more often, and have been telling everyone we know how great our meal was.

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