Baked Apple Macaroni & Cheese — 10 Comments

  1. The list of ingredients states 1 1/2 apples; the process says to use 2 😉 Personally, I’d probably opt for two smaller apples than 1 1/2 big ones…

  2. Ummm … no, it doesn’! (Better go change the PDF before she downloads it …) 😉 Actually, I broke my own rule there. IMHO, amounts rarely belong in the process description.

    The Michigan Red Delicious are a hefty bunch. It’s difficult to find them as small, so this is just easier. Besides, it then gives 1/2 an apple for the garnish if anyone wants it.

  3. LOL 🙂

    Besides, I live in Boston…the chances of me finding Michigan Red Delicious are a bit slim, I would imagine.

    (And given how much we like mac & cheese, I’d probably double the batch!)

  4. I think you mis-pronounced “Bahstahn” … 😉

    This makes a 9 x 13 casserole dish, which fed five of us. Do the dogs like mac ‘n cheese, too?

  5. Sorry this is way off subject but I have a question. Where is the closest place to Monroe that sells fresh ocean fish? I know living far from an ocean and close to a lake means ocean fish isn’t the area’s choice of fish but there must be a good fish monger out there somewhere?

  6. No offense, but eewwwwww. I’m not a big fan of the apples. Have any mac-n-cheese recipes that are kid-friendly and DON’T include a fruit of some kind?? 🙂

  7. I do have my mom’s recipe, which is Velveeta-based. However, you can actually take the recipe you see here, simply not include the apples or their spices, and it makes a darn-good mac-n-cheese casserole on its own that way. No sweat!

  8. Just discovered this recipe and was very surprised at how tasty it was. Even my husband enjoyed it.

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