Classic Diner Roast Beef Meal — 9 Comments

  1. Dave, I thought somewhere along the line we were blogging about our waist size.

    Then you go and post that photo of a Classic Diner Roast Beef Meal.

    And, yes, it makes me drool just looking at it — and it makes me want to make one — and then I can add ANOTHER inch to my fabled waistline — and then, yes, I will be able to blame it on YOU.

    Obviously, I need to go find a nice vegetarian blog to follow . . . NAH!

  2. Oh. My. Heavens. That looks (and sounds) absolutely dee-lish! When can you and Adam visit MY kitchen!!! A local cafe does a hot beef sandwich that is quite good – hhhmmm, may be time for a lunch trip!

  3. Jean, gotta get all the good stuff you can get!

    Kelly, I looked at the pic of the mac-n-cheese loaf you tried. That stuff even looks horrible as it sounds!

  4. Amish noodles?

    Living in Amish country, I’m curious. I’ve never seen them selling noodles at their farmers markets. Lots of amazing baked goods though.

  5. Dave ~ What did I tell you about dangling delicious food pictures in front of a hungry pregnant woman?!? LOL That looks fabulous! I guess I know what I’m having for dinner tonight! 🙂

  6. No pickles needed….but you COULD poor some melted cheese on that ice cream! Mmmmmmmm! Good eats!

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