Recipe (revised): Flint Coney Sauce — 10 Comments

  1. THANKS DAVE!! For the recipe that is.

    Just in time for the 4th of July.

    Please don’t kill me for not using Vienna’s though. I made a pact with myself never to eat or buy those. Ever.

    Like drinking the wine you cook with, I’ll probably grind up some Boars Head or Hebrew National dogs.

    Thanks again!!

  2. I opened and printed the recipe and to my surprise, it has a lovely story about Flint in it…my family lives up there and we LOVE Angelo’s Coney Island. One of the best hole-in-the-wall coney joints around…thanks for the recipe!!! It definately makes me want to go there on our next trip to see my family.

  3. This sounds better than crack. Seriously, the recipe sounds great, but that delicious picture speaks volumes.
    Thanks for including both -the original and current version- of the recipe; I’ll try this soon and report back.

  4. I think that just me and Brett are going to come up to Luna Pier to the beach again. I love that beach. By the way that picture looks so good that I wish I could eat ha ha kidding.

  5. I just calculated that it’s 1200 miles from Melbourne, Florida to Luna Pier, Michigan. And I was seriously wondering if we could pull it off to have a couple of those coneys.

    Man, those look good. I don’t think we can pull off a road trip like that, but I’m drooling.

  6. GREAT photo! Coneys usually taste pretty good, but are not much to look at. This one is a big exception. I’ve never seen a coney look so delicious. Excellent photography or excellent food preparation…. I’m seeing this post a few months too late to find out. 😉

  7. Hi Dave,

    I was looking for a recipe for coney sauce and came across this website. I grew up privileged enough to experience Angelo’s Coney Islands. My dad worked for Buick and would bring them home as a treat once in a blue moon. I worked with someone down at the Flint P.O. who had worked for Koegel’s and she said there was kidney meat and other awful sounding stuff in the recipe for the Angelo’s coneys. Whatever’s in ’em they’re awesome. My family still drives down to Franklin St. to pick up a bag of ’em now & then.
    By the way, my mother and her brother grew up on Franklin St. Maybe you knew them?

  8. @Susan, I’d heard similar stories but I’m hesitant as to whether to believe them. I guess if Angelo’s ever gives up the original recipe we’d find the truth, but as people told me this stuff’s better than Angelo’s version anyway … not sure I want to bother!

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