Recipe: Improvising Breakfast Skillets — 7 Comments

  1. LPC you need a cookie recipe exchange blog for the holidays. I always bake something and bring it to work and I need ideas! (read easy ideas) Wait, do you you bake? I didn’t even ask. See I’m getting holiday crazy here.

    P.S. Last year I did banana nut bread and the year before that it was a decorated/choc chip cookie assortment

    P.S.S. That skillet looks good!

  2. Hmmm … that’s a great idea! I have a lot of my mom’s cookie recipes that I grew up with. Church window cookies are definitely the easiest, and end up the best looking, too. I’ll get on that!

  3. I second the motion on holiday baking. Having recipes or ideas that are quick and easy are great for this time of year. Maybe you could do this like the cookbook list. What are your top 10 favorite cookies for the Christmas season?

  4. Ah, Sandy … in fact, I was just now thinking I need to go through and update those lists for this year. You’re on! 🙂

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