Recipes; As Jeff Daniels said, “It’s deer camp” — 2 Comments

  1. DAMN! (can I say that on your blog?) . . . your posts and photos just get better and better!

    I (and even my prissy wife) love venison. While I no longer will hunt or kill an animal, I am still a devout carnivore, especially a “red meat” carnivore.

    Deer are so thick here in Maryland that the politicos have talked about placing a bounty on them, and harvesting them and providing venison to the foodbanks (I’m serious!).

    Point is, dropping a hint around here will get you a freezer full of venison.

    Your post has inspired us to “beg” a few steaks from a friend or two, and try out your tequila-lime treatment.

    Good job, Guy.

  2. Like Doc, my DH no longer hunts, but he’s an incurable carnivore. And this sounds and looks so good that I feel compelled to save it. Thanks!
    As always, delicious looking pictures, with or without the celery sticks [G]

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