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  1. Fall makes me crazy for the most love foods of my childhood. This isn’t the best idea because they are not the healthiest and I am always trying to cut back and control my weight. But it doesn’t do any good to deny myself a few meals of these foods. It passes eventually. My most recent craving is for sandwich spread. I went to a wonderful specialty market found in Highland Michigan, and bought a quarter pound of their German Bologna Spread to spice up my lunches at work. I got one taste and my husband got the rest! So…I went back for more, a 1 1/2 pound container and left specific instructions that I get at least 2 sandwiches with white bread and mayo and lettuce on it. Oh heaven! Then I tried to think of ways I could make it more healthy. My food co-op gets german bologna and hot dogs, all beef and no preservatives, and 100% Certified organic through a local farmer and we have had to go to ordering because everyone loves it so much. So I came looking for a receipe and found this blog. I am going to try this recipe, love it’s simplicity! Thanks for posting!

  2. My Mother would make this in the 1950’s when she and Daddy would put all four of us into the back seat of their yellow and white 1955 Chevy Impala and drive somewhere to have a picnic. She called them “Coney Island Sandwiches” and would bake a big batch of filled raisin cookies, prepare a bowl potato Salad and a large jug of lemonade. What a way to spend a nice spring or summer day on the weekend!

  3. Here is my experience….I was going to slice some Beef Summer Sausage in my food processor. What happened was i put the slicing cutter in backwards and instead of slices, I got slivers. So I had 8oz of slivered or rough ground sausage. Do not wanting it go to waste I found this Bologna sandwich spread. But I changed the meat, and instead of Mayonnaise, I used cream cheese. And I added chopped black olives. I know it isn’t technically the same. It is however, very delicious!

  4. Thanks Gene, that sounds really good. There’s an older uncured Italian sausage called soppressata that would work great in such a recipe. I would also use kalamata olives in it as well, while keeping the cream cheese and maybe adding some chopped onion. You know, I’m going to have to make this now, thank you for the suggestion!

  5. I loved this as a kid at home! I forgot about this until recently and couldn’t recall how mom made this. Thanks Dave, for posting this! I’m going to make it again very soon!

  6. We just moved to the UP two years ago. One of the few things I miss about living downstate is Nehring’s Market. We lived 1/2 miles away. Such nice people and the food was lovely.

  7. I absolutely love ground bologna with all beef or ring bologna. Mom always said Best Foods or Hellmann mayo. I like a bit of Miracle Whip added too. Dill or sweet pickles. This recipe is just the way I remember. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Seems to be a Michigan thing. Grew up in Detroit area. Been thinking about making a batch of “cat’s meat” for a while now. Mom never used mustard or onions. Only bologna, mayo or miracle whip, and sweet pickle relish or gherkin pickles.

  9. Hi Ron … There seem to be a lot of possible variations out there, which is nice as personalizing recipes should always be encouraged.

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  11. This is also very good with real American cheese. I use 1 lb of bologna and 1/2 lb American cheese, sweet pickle relish, onion and Miracle Whip. So good, brings back memories of my childhood and almost tastes like my Mother’s!!

  12. My mom made ground bologna just like your grandma. Delicious.

    My question is this: we have a grinder, but have misplaced one of the rings (small one) that the meat is ground through. Where would one find a replacement ring? There is no manufacturer’s name on our grinder.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Doug … There are a few places online that are more informational when you’re looking for a replacement blade. One of these is One Stop Jerky Shop. Take a look at their Grinder Plates & Blades FAQ, then head over to their Plates & Blades page to order the right one.

  14. Growing up in Northeastern PA, several versions of this sandwich were a staple at birthday parties, church teas, & family gatherings. Bologna was always the main ingredient with either sweet or dill pickles. Mayonnaise Or miracle whip was added and soft, white bread was a must! We called them PM sandwiches, meaning pickles & meat or party meat because it wasn’t a party without it. Almost 70 years later, living in Ohio now, I’m met with strange looks when I serve it & most people won’t even try it. Their loss!!

  15. Thanks Jackie! I’ve now included PM Sandwiches in the list of names within the post, and added your explanation.

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