Luna Pier Cook’s Food Bucket List

Last updated June 6, 2019
Items in bold are items I’ve had so far, which is 64 of the items listed. The average is 41.

Lots of web sites offer some kind of “foodie quiz” to supposedly determine your level of “foodieness”. I fell victim to that trend myself a few years back, but have since realized the nonsense of it. One I saw recently really set my teeth on edge, so I decided something else was needed. So here it is, my suggestion for a “Food Bucket List”: Your mileage will certainly vary. I’ve set it up as a “quiz” kind of thing just so you can determine how many on my list you’ve tried. There isn’t any result from this “quiz” that’s a bad result as there’s no right or wrong answers. This is my own list, yours or anyone else’s will be different.

Note: When you’re done, make sure to head over to this list’s blog post and let us know how you did!


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  1. Lol… 31%

  2. 38% not bad for someone not very adventurous with food.

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