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  1. Dave:

    Maybe I’ll start shopping for food over the Internet. A disgusting, but great informational post.

    I hope that all goes well with your family. Our thoughts are with you.

    Best wishes,

  2. An interesting post. A similar story appeared in the Washington Post last July, and it reported on one of our local supermarkets, Chevy Chase Supermarket (an independent grocer), which uses the system.

    Of course, the Washington Post encourages “comments” and there were plenty. The funny thing is that MOST of the comments were very negative towards the system and its use. Many of the comments ridiculed the idea that people should be so paranoid.

    As an example, a Maryland lawyer wrote:

    “Another marketing gimmick and a waste of money that will contribute to the incremental increase in your grocery prices. Pay for groceries, not all the fancy and unneeded marketing gimmicks!
    7/22/2008 9:27:43 PM”

    Of course, being a prolific commenter on my beloved Washington Post, I chimed in with the following comments:

    “DocChuck wrote:

    I don’t know how effective this system is, but I do agree that some shopping carts are VERY nasty.

    Just recently, I witnessed a child with a dirty diaper (and I mean DIRTY!) sitting in the “child seat” of a shopping cart.

    After the mother checked out, she rolled the cart to the outside, removed her child, and made no attempt to clean the basket’s child seat.

    I could imagine the next customer using that basket, and, like most shoppers without kids, use the “child seat” to place his or her produce.

    Personally, since that observation, I NEVER use the child seat to carry my groceries. And I imagine that the rest of the basket can be just as filthy.

    Ridicule the “germophobes” all you like . . . there are some situations that your immune system cannot handle.
    7/22/2008 10:24:35 PM”

    Dave, I guess you can tell, I am DEFINITELY in favor of the device . . . LOL.

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