Grilled Hot Dog Buns at Home — 8 Comments

  1. Love the buttered toasted buns! Just the thing for a coney -or- an authentic Maine lobster roll (which btw, they sell at many McDonald’s in Maine!)

  2. What a great recipe for a Fall cook-out! Kroger is near by so I will look for these buns. Can you buy the Franks anywhere but online? The top photo just jumps out & screams “you know you want one of these” 🙂

  3. @JEP, you probably can’t get the Koegel out your way unless you head north a bit. 😉 Just make sure it’s a good beef hot dog, maybe a Nathan’s.

  4. I used to work at W.T. Grant’s 30 years ago, and I sold those famous grilled hot dogs with the New England style hot dog roll. We buttered it on both sides on the butter wheel, then grilled it like a grilled cheese. Then opened the top split, put in the chili, then the hot dog, with relish, mustard and onions on top. That way, the chili doesn’t fall off when you eat it. 40 cents and 45 cents with chili — I sold 100 hot dogs in three hours!

    Check out Doug Moe’s article 5/17/2005 in The Capital Times opinion column (Madison, WI). I guess there are many others who are still looking for those buns! Fall is the BEST time for hot dogs on toasted buns!

  5. @Ann, I bought more of these buns today. Buttered and grilled, they’re a bit addicting! I’ll check that article … do you have a link?

  6. I got these a couple weeks ago and they were so versatile. I’m not from New England, so I’ve never seen them used before. I filled them with Loraine Cheese, ham, turkey and mayonnaise. I made sure they would seal with the cheese, then I dipped them in scrambled egg thinned with a little ice water, like with Monte Cristos. I fried them and they turned out like little turnovers. My son loved them. So Simple and easy to make. A great lunch.

    Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding them again. When I bought them they were in the Mark-Down Cart and reduced the a Quarter. I talked to the bakery manager and it appears my Kroger got them by mistake. Too bad. She said she would try to get them in, but I’m not holding my breath. The Food Sample Demonstrator suggested I slice the bakery hot dog buns down the center instead of from the side. They won’t be exactly the same, but I think I can get a similar effect.

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