Favorite Dive: Chateau Louise, Luna Pier, Michigan — 2 Comments

  1. Growing up in Luna Pier the Chateaus Louise was a regular place!And in fact my very first Job!1977-78 I started washing dishes and became a busboy!I wanted to be a cook one day but a tragedy in the family changed all that!!
    Six months after my High School graduation(1980) I moved out to So.Cal.It is nice to see photos of my hometown on google!!!

  2. We lived I Luna Pier 60 to 65 yrrs Chateau Louise is One of our Favorite places to go back to! We Raised all Our Seven Children there and we retired up Northern Michigan!! We go back to Chateau as a meeting place because some of our children still live in Luna Pier!! Love their Green Pepper Rings and Onion Rings!!

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