On occasion the staff of the Frog Leg Inn in Erie, Michigan, will offer cooking classes at Monroe County Community College, where they also operate the Frog Leg Bistro in the ‘A’ building. This is their announcement of their upcoming classes.

September 5, 2008 – We are teaching two cooking classes this fall at Monroe County Community College. Description and dates are below. These are sure to be great fun and very instructive.

Culinary Basics
In a relaxed environment, you will learn basic cooking terminology and techniques from Chef Tad, Catherine and Chef Jeremiah. Not only are Tad & Catherine the Owners of Frog Leg Inn, they are also the college’s food and catering service provider. Chef Tad has an extreme passion for French classical and ethnic cuisine. Chef Jeremiah, our new chef, comes to the table with a style of cooking you must see and taste to believe. Using fresh local ingredients, he strives to capture the true essence of every ethnic dish he creates. A true master of the craft! Catherine runs the food service at the college and will share her knowledge of quantity food prep techniques. She also is quite the entertainer! Together, these cast of accomplished culinarians will share ideas you can use for holiday, romantic, or every day entertaining. Recipes for many of the dishes are provided. Dates for class are on Mondays, Oct. 6 & 20, and Nov. 3 & 17. 7—9 p.m. Enrollment is limited so call Monroe County Community College at 734-242-7300, ext. 4127. Contact Tina Pillareli or Mary Lund.

Culinary Hands-on Series
In this series, we will be exploring many topics of interest to all. You will learn to prepare soups, sauces, entrees and breads, Meat preparation will be demonstrated. Wines will be discussed, possibly sampled. The use of wines in cooking will also be touched on. This is a Saturday morning series, so you can relax and unwind without thinking about work or kids! Explore and play without fear in a very relaxed environment, our kitchen. Chef Tad and Jeremiah will be hosting this exciting class. Dates for class are November 1,8,22 & Dec. 6,13. Contact Tina Pillareli or Mary Lund at 734-242-7300, ext. 4127.


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