Original Flint Coneys, with Abbott’s Coney Sauce — 7 Comments

  1. So, for me, the bottom line is I’m trying to recreate a Palace-style Coney Island. When I was a kid, my grandparents lived in Swartz Creek, and usually after Black Friday shopping, we’d end up at Palace (back when it was still on the ground floor of the mall). My aunt once told me that she was told Palace’s recipe was beef heart ground up with yesterday’s left-over hot dogs (though I’m not sure WHO told her this, and I’m sure there’s more to it then that). I only recently found your site and have yet to try any of these recipes yet, but do you have any advice or thoughts specific to my own personal quest?

  2. M, I grew up in Grand Blanc and we did the majority of our every-Friday shopping at Genesee Valley while there was a Hamady Bros. on the end of the east wing of the mall. I’d bet dollars to donuts you and I were probably eating together at some point. 🙂 The Palace coneys are the ones I remember most, and I’m pretty certain it’s the Abbott’s sauce right out of the bag. I have another site,, where I’m putting together all the recipes I’ve tried. Recreating the Abbott’s sauce is the last one, and it should happen fairly soon. But no, none of the commercial establishments add ground hot dogs to their sauces. That’s a common rumor that’s completely unfounded. If you want to try such a thing, the Homestyle recipe on works well.

  3. You do know you can buy 10# of seasoned uncooked coney sauce at Abbotts behind Burger King off Ballenger Road and Corunna Rd, it costs 30.00 and is great if you live in the U.P. or somewhere however they donot ship. They also sell 10#boxes of Koegels too. They are around 50. so for 80.00 you can get 80 ish coneys. not a bad deal and you can cook it up ahead and it freezes well, especially in quart bags. thanks for your blog. Sue

  4. Hi Sue … They offer two sizes of that bag, the one pictured here being the 4# version. You can have it shipped via which is an official source working directly with Koegel’s. This blog post is part of a larger site I have about the Flint Coney, which is the Flint Coney Resource Site. There’s a recipe there where I’ve done my best to recreate what’s in this bag.

  5. Sam [last name unknown] at the old Davison Road Coney Island (the site later of Angelo’s in Flint) used to scrape the grill at night and add bits of hamburger, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and ham to the big pot of constantly simmering hot dog sauce that he would ”taste to test”throughout the day. I know; I used to watch him. He was an old school Macedonian cook and wasted nothing. He even added bits of goat meat leftovers from meals his wife cooked at home. I also remember his liberal use of cumin and paprika. Sam kept an unusually savory kitchen. That was 75 years ago, kids.

  6. Vaughn, that’s great info! That was probably also some of the best sauce there was at the time with all the other savory bits. I’ve heard about a number of different locations, but was unaware there was already a coney shop in that spot prior to Angelo’s. I’ll have to do some digging and see what I can find. Thanks for the comment!

  7. I now live in florida but miss starlite coney island coneys and sause now looking into ordering from abbott’s and kogels miss food from back home in Flint,mi

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