How do you like your Fried Bologna Sandwich? — 12 Comments

  1. @Rebecca, I actually had the French’s yellow mustard nearby and came close to using it. For some reason, I decided “Not today”. 🙂

  2. LOVE a Fried Bologna Sandwich!! Haven’t made one in ages…sounds good for my lunch tomorrow! I like to switch around on the type of cheese,and like adding tomato slices…sometimes bacon.

  3. RE: “C’mon, you know you do!”

    YEAH, I do, and so does my wife, the “finicky eater.”

    We prepare the venerable sandwich pretty much the same way as you — using a good-quality deli bologna from our local Giant Foods or Food Lion.

    Hellmann’s is the ONLY ‘store-bought’ mayo we will eat. We prefer home-made when we have the time.

    I like to add a few Vlasic “oval” dill chips to my sandwich, but my wife does not.

    Grab a bag of Jalapeno-flavored kettle chips, and a couple of cold beers.

    Then, it’s chow-down time.

    And the whole world is a better place.

  4. I love Fried Bologna Sandwiches. Gently browned in butter, placed on good old white bread. That’s all I need. But, I will also fry it then make it into a grilled cheese sandwich. Hot, gooey cheese, browned bologna, between two slices of golden grilled bread.

  5. ??Fried bologna sandwiches??…I have never heard of that before. How distinctly odd. Please do not get me wrong. I am not dissing them. However, I have never heard of one much less considered frying bologna. I think that the last time I had bologna, I was 10. Can you please tell what the texture should be? How about the taste? My wife is from Jersey and they cook Taylor pork roll way. It is very good. Is it like that?

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  6. @Scottie check the other comments: Fried bologna sandwiches are only odd if you’re from Colorado or something. 🙂 I’m not sure how they compare to your wife’s Jersey dish, but you have to have good bologna or it’s not worth it. Flavor and texture should be comparable to a good frankfurter. Otherwise it’s a kid’s sandwich, and not worth the six bucks!

  7. Next best thing to a fried bologna sandwich is a fried braunschweiger sandwich. Has to be served on a hamburger bun for the best effect, with Miracle Whip.

  8. I still make fried bologna. I grew up in St. Clair Shores and my mom used to flour the bologna before frying. Try it for a twist. It takes the greasy taste away.

  9. Don’t slit/slice the bologna. It’s supposed to bubble up. Then flip each slice, put on cheese, put other slice on top. It will flatten on its own. We would put it on bread with a smidge of mayo and a bit of lettuce. Also, we had “bologna bowls”: cook the bologna til it made a bowl shape, fill with mac and cheese.

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