Review: Tudor’s Biscuit World, Dunbar, West Virginia — 7 Comments

  1. I just left Dunbar,WV Tudors I have been going there a long time the people there are great smiling and treating this old granny very nice they deserve to be recamended for ther service. I know the little old lady I am 68 and I could not work the way see does have a nice day and go the Tudors of Dunbar.

  2. Just read the article on Tudor’s over at NPR’s “wait wait” blog and shuffled on over to yours. Very enjoyable read and not just because out here in Colorado I miss Tudor’s biscuits (or Mom’s) so much. Thanks, and here’s a tip… if’n you don’t have buttermilk, add a little lemon juice to some whole milk and let it sit a couple minutes.

  3. that little old lady is named Mary and well over 70!! the head biscuit maker has been there over 15 years (working on 20) and comes in at 430 every morning to make those works of art… her name is Kathy..guess she could do them in her sleep by now, but takes her job very seriously, as you can tell by the taste

  4. The dining room lady referenced in the article is my mother. She has an unbeatable work ethic and can be entertaining. Customers definitely get more for their money.

  5. the Icon of the dining room is gone … mary passed away..”…sweetcheeks..” will no longer resonate thru out the walls of dunbar tudors, change has caught up with taste…she will be sorely missed by all….mostly by her feisty cohort the head biscit maker for 15 years..Kathy and her well worn rolling pin….maybe it should be bronzed

  6. There is a Tudor’s right beside my home. We eat there just about every other day. We really enjoy it. I am glad you liked it too.

  7. I worked at Stone & Thomas in downtown Charleston until 1988 and there was a Tudors nearby. They even delivered those biscuits back then. Being raised in the south, I can make those biscuits myself but why would I when Tudors had me beat. After 27 years in Ohio I still miss Tudors. I often ponder if I should buy a franchise and introduce the Yankees to Tudors.

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