Flint Coney Matchup & Recipe: Marty Embry, Organ Meats and Hot Dogs — 6 Comments

  1. That’s awesome Dave. This just proves my point when I said that you can have authentic coneys with virtually any ground meat and my coney spice. I love it!

    I am an enabler, but from one Coneyhead to another…you just gotta love it!!! lol You are doing what I love to do; experiment with different ways to cook foods. Man, I love this stuff!!! Keep cooking Dave. I think what you’re doing with the blog is awesome! I appreciate you bunches!

    Marty Embry

  2. Hi Dave,

    Is there a storefront where we can pic up Marty’s Coney Spice? I work in Flint part of the week at Hurley, and while I don’t really enjoy the flavor of beef kidney, I do want to try the Flint-style.

  3. Been searching for the Marty Embry seasoning. And not finding anything on it. Ideas please?

  4. Hi Barbara … Unfortunately it doesn’t appear as though Marty will be making his spices available anytime soon. I hope that changes, but that remains to be seen.

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