“Sue Chef” Launches New “Get Fresh with Sue Chef” on Michigan Public Television Stations — 6 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed the first show I caught Saturday on PBS. I appreciate that it promotes local produce & growers. Have you considered visiting home gardens? My feeling is that people have forgotten where their food comes from and that they can grow their own organic produce in a very small space. I have a small garden in my Milford, MI home that sustains us through the growing months w/left overs canned or frozen for winter! I’ll be watching for your show again.

  2. Sue, Please respond with name of Cheese farm you visited, broadcast on Nov. 30. I wanted to go to their website, but forgot the name

  3. Show today on turkeys was disgusting. Just want you want to see- thousands of turkey in a shed with you joyously picking them by their feet. If you think those turkeys were roaming freely when they did not even have space to move you are crazy.

  4. @Betty, that’s how turkeys are raised, always have been and always will be. It’s not “disgusting” … it’s not only very humane but it’s also monitored by the USDA and those barns were extremely clean. When Sue picked up that large turkey, when Tom did the same, did the turkey look distressed? Not at all. I get the distinct impression you have another agenda you’re not revealing here.

  5. sue i saw your show on organic blueberry harvesting and i dint get the name of the farm. i would like to order the frozen berries. please give me the phione number or address. much appreciated nancy kean @

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