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The Effects of Scotchgard™ on Wakefulness: A Study

This piece is satire. If you take it another way, that’s your problem, not mine.

A recent study has determined that certain substances commonly used in upholstery for furniture has a tendency to cause a form of sleeping disorder, particularly in the presence of small crowds or large amounts of alcohol.

The conclusive study, […]

Meatball Practice

Oddly enough, this is my first-ever batch of practice meatballs. While watching Chef Robert Irvine teach a kitchen crew how to make simple meatballs a couple weeks ago on his “Restaurant: Impossible”, it dawned on me meatballs is something I’d never attempted to make. This batch is even simpler, consisting only of ground chuck, […]

“Get Fresh with Sue Chef” returning to PBS in Michigan

Sue Dow, aka “Sue Chef”, has let me know her show will begin a new season in our area in southeast Michigan on WTVS on Saturdays at 3:30 pm beginning January 1, 2011. Sue wrote, “It’s the Apres Ski Episode if you like fondue!” The show is very Michigan-centric and is always interesting for […]

The Overly-Negative Media Blitz About KFC's Double Down

The media and food bloggers alike are having what can easily be termed a “hissy fit” about KFC’s new Double Down sandwich, which will be available tomorow, April 12, 2010. In CNN’s coverage of KFC’s Double Down, author Kat Kinsman asks, “Is fat fare at fast foods going too far?” The article then lists […]

“Sue Chef” Launches New “Get Fresh with Sue Chef” on Michigan Public Television Stations

Back on October 10th my son and I were channel-surfing and happened to stumble across the first broadcast of “Get Fresh with Sue Chef” on PBS station WTVS out of Detroit. In that episode she was visiting the Silver Leaf Winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan … stomping grapes, driving tractors, and then in the […]

MLive.com: Tony’s, Birch Run, to be on Diners Drive-Ins & Dives

From supersizedmeals.com, three photographers each try the 1 lb BLT at Tony’s in Birch Run, Michigan.

Via the folks at MLIve.com, the Saginaw News is reporting that Tony’s of Birch Run, Michigan, will be featured on an episode of Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive-Ins & Dives.

You have to understand that Tony’s is one […]

The Foot Network?? That’s Disturbing …

This evening for at least a little while Charter Communications of Monroe, Michigan, is carrying this rather disturbing typo in their on-air guide. I first saw it at 8 p.m., and here close to 8:30 it’s still there. “Foot Network”? Giada’s feet would be fine, Paula’s might be okay … but I wouldn’t touch […]

Subway’s Insulting Ads: I’ve Had It With Them

How many of you are sick and tired of insulting ads on TV?

I know I am.

This ad from a year ago shows subway’s blatant insulting ways. The current ad, showing people eating food from other restaurants and breaking whatever they’re sitting on, isn’t even close to being funny.

There’s another ad from […]

Mezzmerize in Toledo, Seized By The Bank

Back on December 23rd I wrote on our work Christmas party at the wonderful Mezzmerize in Toledo. Bill of Fare, the Toledo Blade’s reviewer, gave the restaurant 4 stars. In fact, today my boss was asking if Mezzmerize had take-out for lunch.

It wouldn’t have mattered. 13abc just did a live report that the […]

Bourdain & ‘No Reservations’ In Detroit

‘No Reservations’ in Cleveland from last year. Guests included fellow Chefs Michael Ruhlman and Michael Symon. (43:06)

Erie Hiker Mike Ingels posted a link yesterday to a rather interesting article in Tuesday’s Detroit Free Press. It seems Chef Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel’s ‘No Reservations‘ crew has arrived in Detroit to shoot segments […]