Did the original owners ever return to Angelo’s?

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No. The original owners sold Angelo’s in 1998 and had never returned. The chronology of owners was:

1949 – 1998:

  • Vangel T. “Angelo” Nicoloff (1912 – 1969)
  • Carl Paul
  • Angelo Popoff
  • Tom W. Branoff
  • Tom V. Branoff
  • Angelo Branoff


  • Neil Helmkay
  • Tom Zelvrovski


  • Neil Helmkay

Davison Rd original location, 2017 – 2018 closure:

  • Tim & Paula Stanek

Grand Blanc Rd. location, Mundy Twp, 2017 – present:

  • MaryAnn Savage

The original Angelo, Vangel T. Nicoloff, wasn’t even the Angelo most people remember. Angelo Branoff is the one who people likely remember. Vangel T. “Angelo” Nicoloff, the restaurant’s namesake, was born in Boufi, Macedonia, in 1912 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1928 at the age of 16 to join his father, Anthony Nicoloff, who owned the San Juan Chili Parlor in Flint from 1927 – 1945. Angelo also worked for Simion Brayan at the actual original Flint Coney Island for a time before founding Angelo’s on Davison Rd. in 1949, 25 years after Brayan first opened his restaurant. Angelo passed away in 1969, so most people today who claim to have known him likely never met him.

In November 2017 after more than three years since his first listing Angelo’s Coney Island as being for sale, it was reported that Neil Helmkay placed the the original Davison Rd. location under a lease-to-own option to Tim and Paula Stanek, owners of the nearby Chilly’s Bar. But unfortunately on December 28, 2018, Tim Stanek confirmed to the Flint Journal that the location had closed during the previous week. Calling the closing “A sad day for tradition”, Stanek stated “It’s sad what’s happening to the east side. It’s getting worse. It’s not getting better. If something doesn’t happen soon, we certainly won’t be the last (business to close) over there.” As the Grand Blanc Rd. Angelo’s location in Mundy Township was still open, it wasn’t the complete demise of the operation. (ref: Acosta, Robert. Angelo’s Coney Island closes after nearly 70 years in Flint. MLive. [Online] December 28, 2018. [Cited: December 29, 2018.] https://www.mlive.com/news/flint/2018/12/angelos-coney-island-closes-after-nearly-60-years-in-flint.html)

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