Flint Coney Restaurants

updated September 30, 2019

Palace Coney Island, photographed on March 18, 2016, in the food court in the mezzanine of Genesee Valley Shopping Center at Miller and Linden Roads in Flint Township. The author started eating at Gus Vergos’ Palace when it was located in the east wing of the mall when it opened in 1970. The restaurant moved when the mezzanine and its food court were added in 1987.

Please note: Being listed on this page does not indicate any kind of arrangement between the Flint Coney Resource Site and any of the restaurants listed. This is merely a simple directory.

Mobile Venues

Check the web sites or social media for the following mobile operations for times and locations:

Recurring Events

Chains Offering Flint-style Coneys

The following restaurant chains are not included in the list below because of their numbers of locations:

Flint Coney Restaurants

Flint Area

Other Michigan Communities

Outside Michigan

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