Restaurant Menu Components - Layout

Updated 1/30/2018

A Layout organizes Sections into a complete menu. As it is designed only to work with Sections, other component types must be included in a Section in order to be displayed.

Note that Themes are not included as an option within a Layout, as they're managed within the components that make up the Sections a Layout will display.

  1. To add a Layout: Log in to the Admin area of your site.
  2. Go to Restaurant Menu Components | Manage Components:

  3. At the top of the Manage Restaurant Menu Components page, click the Add Section button:

    The Manage Layout page will open:

    All Sections that have been saved so far will be listed alphabetically in the left-hand column. To create the Layout, drag-and-drop each desired Section to the right-hand column. The order of the Sections can be adjusted at any time.

    When you're done creating the order for the Layout, click the Save button. The Layout will be listed on the Manage Components page:

  4. To edit a Layout, click the link on its title.

    To add a Layout to a page, include the complete shortcode (including the brackets) to a site where the Restaurant Menu Components plugin is installed.