Restaurant Menu Components – Info, Live Demos

updated December 4, 2017

Use the menu to the right to view the various live demo pages.

The menu item(s) you see below are active displays from the Restaurant Menu Components plugin we’re currently developing for use on WordPress sites. If you come back to this page and things don’t look right, wait a few minutes and refresh your browser. As we’re actively working on this plugin, display issues likely indicate that we’re in the middle of coding some aspect of it.

This plugin is currently unavailable as the first release is still being developed. Please contact me at with any questions.

The Restaurant Menu Components plugin is intended to solve issues we’ve been having with other plugins we’ve used on some of our current sites. In starting a new plugin from scratch, we can take care of issues as they come up, and include features we’ve been looking or hoping for.

This demo exhibits a number of features and capabilities of the Restaurant Menu Components plugin for WordPress. Current features are:

  • Selectable themes via CSS
  • Master Theme (“Simple” is used throughout this demo), along with theme selection for individual items. Theme examples can be seen in the Layout demo being used in the following menu items:
    • Brasserie (see Breakfast => Trout & Eggs, Starters => Shrimp Cocktail)
    • Chalkboard (see Specials => King & Queen Prime Rib items, Salads => Caesar Salad, Taplist => Michigan Beers)
    • Coffeehouse (see Starters => Fried Potato Skins, Salads => Spinach Salad)
    • Diner (see Sandwiches => Signature Cheeseburger, Beverages => Pop)
    • Elegant (see Salads => Shrimp Salad)
    • Farm to Table (see Entrees => Chicken Marsala, Desserts => Pecan Pie)
    • Pub (see Entrees => Filet Mignon, Taplist => Domestic)
    • Waterpark (see Sandwiches=> Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Sides => French Fries)
  • Menu Item Image – Thumbnail (see Breakfast => Trout & Eggs) or featured (see Sandwiches => Signature Cheeseburger)
  • Boilerplate menu item add-ons/options (see Sandwiches => Signature Cheeseburger)
  • Calories (see Sandwiches => Signature Cheeseburger)
  • “86” for active menus
  • Flexible currency usage via a text field for the insertion of the desired currency symbol. Anything can be used, such as $, £, ¥, €, CHF, kr, AUD, J$, etc. If no symbol is desired, the field may be left blank.
  • Multi-size pricing (see Beverages, Desserts)
  • Themed HTML blocks for info areas (see the Specials, Breakfast, Sandwiches sections)
  • Sections, to contain menu items, HTML blocks, etc.
  • Layouts, which contain sections. Layouts are displayed in the included Accordion control, which is used below. However, Sections may be displayed in any other layout device the menu designer has available, via the Section shortcodes.
  • Taplists to describe what’s offered from beer towers. These are manual taplists, and aren’t tied to any beer database. The included list of almost 100 beer styles is based on the Brewers Association 2017 Beer Style Guidelines with changes, and is used with permission of the Brewers Association.
  • Allows for the selection of either a 32px or a (recommended) 50px font size for an extended set of the Erudus icons for diet types and allergens, from Erudus: The Food Industry’s Collaborative Solution to Sharing Product Data, West Yorkshire, UK. The complete extended icon set can be viewed by clicking here.
    The following characters, shown here in the 50px font size, have been added to the Erudus font:

    Suitable For

    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    Contains May Contain

    Animal Derived
    Trans Fat