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Themable Restaurant Menu Block Plugin for WordPress

Sept. 14, 2016: This plugin (hopefully mobile friendly on all devices) is a work-in-progress and is unavailable for download. This is only a test platform for it while I work through development.

A menu item with an image, and its own theme specified for emphasis:
[restaurantmenublock id=1 img=rmb.png]
The above menu item is from Great Lakes Eatery & Pub in Dundee, MI, whose web site we design. We also shot the image of the dish, and branded it for the restaurant’s site. Price, description, appearance and availability are subject to change without notice.

A vegetarian menu item, using the master theme:
[restaurantmenublock id=2 img=rmb.png]
The above menu item is (kinda) from The Blue Nile in Ann Arbor, MI, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. (They don’t break out the individual dishes like this.) This menu item is used here with no arrangement with the restaurant, and does not imply their support of this plugin. It is merely a real-world example. Price, description and availability are subject to change without notice.

A Kosher menu item, using the master theme with the theme border turned off within the menu item’s settings:
[restaurantmenublock id=3 img=rmb.png]
We made this one up from a bunch of stuff that showed up on Google, and left the Spiciness graphic off on-purpose.

An HTML-only block, using the master theme:
[restaurantmenublock id=4 img=html.png]
This is how we might word such a Special, insisting ketchup doesn’t belong on the Coneys.

An HTML-only block, using its own theme:
[restaurantmenublock id=5 html.png]
The same, only different.

A test of all the icons created so far:
[restaurantmenublock id=6 rmb.png]
We have no idea how this dish would be plated.

A single-colum menu section shortcode. The Header and Footer are each HTML Blocks as above so they can be reused in multiple sections, with their titles disabled. The Header’s border is also disabled, while the Footer’s border is still displayed. The top menu item has its own theme for emphasis, and the bottom menu item uses the master theme with its own border disabled.
[restaurantmenublock id=7 section.png]
Not bad, still needs tweaking.

A dual-column menu section shortcode, mixing nested shortcodes, block types, and block styles in the various areas.
[restaurantmenublock id=10 section.png]